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Meet Shefali Malik

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Get To Know Me

There are so many people in the world who never have the opportunity to pursue the career they love. I’m not one of them. I love what I do and have always followed my heart, which is why nothing feels like work. A Cost Accountant by qualification, I've worked as a business journalist for almost a decade and have been in the start-up ecosystem for last 3-4 years. I’m a hard worker, a curious learner and excited to see what projects could benefit from my unique skill set, and an even more unique journey....

About Her Work

Shefali is an emcee, panel moderator and a writer with an expertise in business related topics. Her mission is to bring forward the thoughts and insights of some of the world’s most influential business leaders. She has interviewed CXOs of top corporates, moderated panels, and written impactful business articles for her readers. She's passionate about staying up to date with the latest news and trends in the business world. Here on this website, you can find the latest updates about her work and the articles she has written.

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Meeting the Finance Minister

November, 2022

Shefali had an opportunity to meet with the Finance Minister recently, wherein she shared her thoughts with this powerhouse of a woman, Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman, about how to boost the startup ecosystem and make it more inclusive.

Some of her work

as a TV Interviewer and Panel Moderator

In a span of almost a decade in TV, she interviewed CEOs of top industry leaders across various sectors. These companies are India's leading companies, including some of Fortune 50 companies, Nifty 50 companies, top market participants, economists, among others. She has also moderated panel discussions on trends in the industry and startups.  Here are the glimpses of some of her work.

Interviewing Mr Keki Mistry, CEO- HDFC Ltd.

Interviewing one of the top bankers in the country, Mr V. Vaidyanathan, MD- IDFC Bank

Interviewing Mr Girish Kousgi, MD and CEO- CanFin Homes

Moderating a Panel Discussion on Turning Students Into Entrepreneurs

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Shefali's Skill Set

As a research-oriented panel moderator and writer, Shefali strives to create meaningful dialogue and conversations that are engaging and thought-provoking. She specializes in business related discussions that encompass large scale companies to SMEs to Startups. By facilitating open and honest conversations, she believes that we can create real, lasting change in our world. 


When it comes to writing, Shefali creates content that is informative, engaging, and relatable. She uses research and insights to bring the most relevant and up-to-date information to the table. Her writing and panel discussions are always carefully crafted to ensure that her audience gets the most out of every piece of her writing and every session.

She also has a bend towards creating a social impact, via educating the underprivileged children, caring for elders and empowering individuals. 

If you are looking for a dynamic and experienced panel moderator and writer, then she is your best bet.

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Deep Conversations with the right people are priceless

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